360 Surgical Guides:
Previously, the process of planning a case and waiting for the guide was time consuming and very expensive. 360imaging has overcome these challenges by offering easy to use software combined with rapid guide production technologies. Since our guides are manufactured in Atlanta, GA, this enables 360imaging to turn around most guides in 5 business days. This results in significant cost and time savings for you so you can complete your cases faster, more accurately, and with higher profitability. For the first time, guides are so cost-effective that you can now use guides for smaller, single implant procedures.

360imaging's experience in guided surgery encompasses the planning of over 30,000 guided surgery cases over the last six years. Call us today at 866-360-6622 to see how our solutions can improve your outcomes.
Benefits & Features
There are many reasons why you should use a surgical guide for successful implant placement. The excellent aesthetic results and minimally invasive procedures associated with surgical guides leave your patients happy and satisfied. Your surgery will be safer and more predictable and you can foresee the costs of the implant placement. You will also reduce your own costs because less implant surgery time is necessary.
Esthetic results
Scientific studies show that the use of surgical guides along with a 3D implant plan results in increased esthetic outcomes. Incidentally, you would be able to produce results that look quite natural. We achieve these superior results by ensuring that the process of restoration is taken into account while planning the implant process.
Predictability and safety
Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible for you to determine the ideal location for your patient's implants. This will increase the probability for a successful operation. Knowledge of the exact location of important anatomy, such as the mandibular nerve and the maxillary sinus cavities, provide confidence that implant placement will proceed smoothly and safely. Surgical guide help ensure that all of your patient's implants are properly placed using all of this valuable information.
Reduction of implant surgery time & costs
Once you start to utilize 360 software and surgical guide, the time taken for the entire procedure of surgery would drastically come down. Besides, you will minimize any future complications that might arise out of an implant surgery done since you have a thorough knowledge of your patient's anatomy..
Clear budget
Surgical Guide ensures that you get a detailed plan of the procedure and accurate realization of the different components involved. Incidentally, you will start to make more and more cases with higher profit margin.
3D Printing
360imaging®, offers surgical guides made of the FDA Approved Bio-Compatible 3D printing material, Objet MED610™. The material, which combines bio-compatibility with water-clear transparency, is ideal for the production of highly accurate, customized implant surgical guides. 360imaging transparent surgical guides allows dentists to better monitor the soft tissue underneath to ensure a safer and more successful dental procedure. Objet MED610 is ideal for prolonged skin contact of over 30 days and mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours. The Objet Bio-Compatible transparent material is manufactured under the ISO 13485:2003 certification, which guarantees the fulfillment of comprehensive quality management procedures for the manufacture of medical devices.
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Clinical Cases
The following clinical case has been done using 360imaging dental planning software and 360 surgical guides.
The following clinical case has been done using 360imaging dental planning software and 360 surgical guides.
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